The Tesla V3 Supercharging Network is What EVs Need to Go Mainstream

Tesla Supercharger V3

As it is right now, charging your electric car on the go can be one of the most annoying aspects of owning an EV. Tesla seems to have already largely solved the problem of getting to your destination, with them claiming 99% charging coverage in North America. While on average over 80% of charging is done at home, spending time charging on a road trip is an unavoidable obstacle. Having large infotainment screens with Netflix softens the blow, but wasting time charging just makes your journey longer.

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New Bill Introduced By AOC is a Dream For EV Owners

AOC electric vehicle bill

To this day range anxiety is still one of the biggest pills to swallow when considering an electric car. Whenever you decide to venture out of the city you don’t want to be bound by inconsistent coverage of charging networks.

For electric cars to fully take off in the US we need more chargers. Not everyone is able to charge at home, and driving across town to some random charger at a hotel isn’t a very attractive option. And for electric cars to be seriously seen as a viable alternative to gas by consumers they need to be able to get everywhere.

Being able to get everywhere is the primary goal of a new bill outlined on Thursday by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Andy Levin. The Electric Vehicle Freedom Act is an acknowledgment of the rapid growth the electric car industry is set to experience in the next few years.

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Talking to the Big Winners of Tesla’s Crazy Stock Success

Tesla Stock Rocket

We’ve been watching Tesla stock absolutely soaring this past week. Even more impressive than the gains the company has made in market cap though are the gains made by some people willing to take risks.

The Wall Street Bets subreddit is well known for people making risky trades and losing their life savings. But among all the memes and risky decisions, some traders are able to make it big. We’ve reached out to a couple of traders who’ve made massive gains on short term options contracts to see what they think about the state of Tesla and their future.

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New Mexico Bill Could Give Hefty EV Tax Credits

Money from an envelope

Two different versions of a bill offering tax credits to new EV buyers in New Mexico have been making their way through the Senate and House. These bills are largely similar with a few differences. As many details are subject to change we’ll be focusing on the bigger picture with the bill proposed in the Senate to get an idea of what’s to come. You can read the full details of both bills in an article here by New Mexico Political Report.

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Car Manufacturers Don’t Know How to Market EVs

Maisie Williams in Audi e-tron

The Super Bowl yesterday featured several advertisements for electric cars. With these advertisement slots being some of the most coveted and expensive it’s clear that car manufacturers see all the momentum EVs have gained. But despite the effort, it’s obvious that these companies still don’t know how to sell electric cars.

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“Super Truck” Electric Hummer is on the Horizon


The Hummer has always been known as THE gas guzzler. Hummers are big, loud, and burn through gas. But it looks like that’s changing with a new model set to be unveiled on May 20th. We took a look at the possibility of an electric Hummer a while ago, and while we did say it wasn’t impossible I’m still surprised to see new teasers coming from GM. Let’s take a look at the new, aptly-named Super Truck.

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